Santa Anita 2012-13, Back to the Basics

A look at Santa Anita’s 2012-13 Winter Meet

The winter meet at Santa Anita is finally here, December 26th. After perusing the Santa Anita calendar, here is my opinion on some of the upcoming events at the Great Race Place.

The $40 Handicapping Contest

Let’s start with the return of the $40 Handicapping Contest. This is a fun and relatively low cost contest that may be the best kept “secret” at the track. It happens every Saturday and Sunday of the entire meet (with the exception of the Finals on April 21st). A few tweaks should be made, but for the most part Santa Anita has got this right.

KROQ Microbrew is back

The return of the KROQ Microbrew on Big Cap Day. This promotion was shelved for various reasons the past few years but was a hit with the young crowd. Now lets get a decent band (familiar name?) to play and get this promotion back on track (pun intended).

What? No Bobblehead ?

Ok, that is a cheap shot at the Autumn Meet, and (short lived CEO) Mark Verge was not exactly given a fair shot at turning things around. The giveaways are pretty much back to the basic (but usable) stuff this year, hat, t-shirt, mug, umbrella. Remember to redeem your giveaway coupon (if given one) right away, as supplies may be limited for popular giveaways.

However, there is one giveaway that you should pay close attention to:  The Thoroughbreds Hooded Sweatshirt Giveaway.

The hooded sweatshirt looks good. The way you earn it, not so sure.

Santa Anita Hooded Sweatshirt

Here’s the deal  (straight from Santa Anita’s Website) “All THOROUGHBREDS Members who scan their THOROUGHBREDS Card on December 26, January 1,and January 21 will take home a free* Santa Anita Hooded Sweatshirt”.

Now the problem lies with the customer who may fail to read the details of this promotion (you know how we always read the fine print, right?).

My Take

To management:  I totally understand the single-day giveaways, but these multi-day giveaways where the track chooses the days are annoying and can be confusing to some. There is a better way to do this.

To the customers: make sure and scan your Thoroughbred Card every day in attendance, whether you have a free pass or not. And if you find yourself short of scans on MLK Day (and you really did attend the first two days), complaining to the top can get you somewhere. The squeaky wheel can get greased at the Great Race Place.

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading,